1. A philosophical-religious aspect of the problem - часть 2

One might think that the Creator, by throwing an apple from above and hitting Newton's head, had unveiled one of the mysteries of His Divine Plan. The genius, Newton, had the advantage of finding himself in the right place at the right time.[2]

Programs are also figuratively falling at our feet from above, under circumstances when one is not obliged to pay money, crazy amounts by Russian standards, for them. Hence a shareware ethos ensues, and it is dealers who primarily resist this idea, rather than the program authors.

The saying goes that God created Man in His own image, but it could be argued that this also applies to the computer. The program code is the soul breathed into a spiritless pile of magnetic iron. For humans, body trading (transplantation of organs, transfusion or, at last, prostitution) is the reality of contemporary life; traffic in souls is a matter for fairy tales and fiction (the Faust story, for example). When we purchase software, we are getting only a "body": disks, documentation, information and discounts for the new versions, and, chiefly, the after-sale service.

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