4. A moral aspect of the problem - часть 4

1 [2]There's a saying that the piano is very easily played: all you do is push the right keys at the right time! We have already emphasised this in Etude 3, discussing computer arts. And there are only a few geniuses at the piano, because the Creator is unable to attend to all players. We won't consider here the diligence of the musician (or programmer), and refer the reader to Pushkin's "Mozart and Salieri", which develops this subject rather profoundly.

[3] In English, there is no confusion between "rights of the author" and "copyright" – a right to copy. But in Russian, "copyright" is translated ambiguously as "authorial rights".

[4] Not losses but profits may arise here. An author, having written a new work, can often make much more profit if his illegal copies are no less famous than legal ones. Examples are Bulgakov, Vysotsky, Pasternak, and Brodsky; the latter two would scarcely have obtained a Nobel Prize if they had been widely published in due time.

[5] You can bet your life that those writing accusatory articles have at least one illegal program (DOS or Windows Word, or DOS Lexicon) installed on their computer. Many police departments are equipped with computers (documentation, databases and such like) but again anything may be staked that no department, including that organising the computer market raids, cares always to purchase the legal program versions. Police officials often give crime reports on television. Next to the spokesperson, as a rule, there's a computer: they're not fools. The screen shows the two blue logos of Norton Commander - stolen, by the way.

[6] There's a poster hanging in the Белый Ветер (Byeliya Vyetyer, meaning "White Wind") computer store on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow: a tattooed hand covering a mouse, with the caption above: "Don't steal!". I have walked through the store observing the prices of notebooks, the shop's speciality. If the mark-up accounts for 20-30%, it's called commercial; if 200-300%, gangsterism. The price of the most expensive Western notebook amounts to $2500 dollars. Only a special order for mother-of-pearl keys may cost more. To afford a 5000 "bucks" notebook and its entire software is only within the grasp of the very hand drawn on the poster, whose significance is somewhat different after a trip around the store.

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